Budget And Project Funding

  1. The expatriates who have paid their annual accounts of their money through an account register.
  2. To save an account of how much donation you received from a donation collection agency.
  3. The organization’s liplate and exemption in donors or organizations.
  4. Provide information online about the promotion of individuals and organizations.
  5. Promotion of all the activities of the country and regular programs.
  6. Collection of donations by vouchers and a picture must be given to the office secretary.
  7. Save the picture with the documents collected by the Fund.
  8. Preserve the documents through expatriate president, general secretary.
  9. All the staff members of the local and foreign countries should not post anything other than Post-DPMKS, and no other post of DPMKS and subject to DPMKS on any page group of DPMKS and subject to DPMKS.
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