Goals, Motives, Policies

  1. Providing all the decisions of the committee to the staff and members quickly.
  2. To make informed decisions and to organize meetings.
  3. All the meetings of the meeting are uploaded online.
  4. All decisions are given to the office secretary to keep the order.
  5. All documents of the committee are divided into three parts, preserved by the president, general secretary and office secretary or any person responsible for the committee.
  6. Without the important document, where the fund will be formed. Photocopy of the purchase of the voucher of the product will be stored.
  7. After the end of all the lasers / registers, preserve by the joint signature of the president, the vice-president, the general secretary and the adviser.
  8. All the registrars, including the audit of the effective committee, will be canceled.
  9. Carefully save without auditing registered registrars.
  10. When the chief executive member of the audited register will be summoned to appear immediately and terminate at the end of the final audit.
  11. Each registrant must have one registrar. When the registrar ends, ensure the signing of the presidency office and the chief executive committee’s signature.
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