Service-Type, Humanity

  1. Stand by the helpless people.
  2. Stand beside the flood / cyclone sufferers.
  3. Stand beside orphans and destitute children.
  4. Providing the necessary equipment for orphan children.
  5. Payments for the construction of mosques and madrasas.
  6. Payment of people facing difficult medical treatment.
  7. Paid for the marriage of poor and helpless girls.
  8. Provide the necessary medicines for older people.


  1. The goal of doing something for the elderly people.
  2. Providing education for the deprived children and providing free education materials.
  3. Increase the expansion of human services through the departmental committee.
  4. The committee is formed to complete the intervals of every year for all the members.
  5. Build your own office based on the division.
  6. Providing essential things for good health.
  7. Clothing delivery at winter time.
  8. Removal of unemployment.
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